Energy Healing Sessions
Custom Made Healing Jewelry

Energy healing sessions are no touch sessions that last from 30-90 minutes.  Because we are made up of energy in many layers, the physical body is affected by the other layers.  Energy healing is a way to remove blockages and balance these energy centers so the physical body is able to be in a state of optimal health. 


As an example, when you go to the beach, your body may be cleansed of many blockages in and around the saltwater, sun, and sand;  enabling your body to come in to a state of balance.  You may or may not be aware of what's happening energetically, but you feel better physically as a result of the "invisible" healing.  In contrast, if you walk in to a room where there has been stress, you might feel that heavy or dense energy.  Our energy bodies can be affected by that as well. 

 My goal is to work on the energy body to support optimal health and balance.  

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Custom made Healing Jewelry is made with the intention of benefitting certain areas of the body to bring healing and balance.  I create bracelets and earrings that are made of semi-precious natural gemstones to support the energy body and lava beads for aromatherapy benefits. These elements work together to support optimal health and can be worn to complement your healing journey.  I use my professional background, intuition, life experiences, and trusted resources to design something that would be for your best and highest.

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